12/03 Training ManiMelo Musicians HoM Belgium
08/03 Concerts Q&Q, 10.30h & 14h, CC de Kern, Wilrijk, BE
04/03 Masterclass "Composition" 6-12y, HoM Antwerpen, BE

24/02 Concert Q&Q (4-8y), 16h, HoM Antwerp, BE
22/02 Masterclass "Muziek&Dementie" Patyna, The Netherlands
05/02 Masterclass "Spreken met Fantasie", HoM Antwerpen, BE Inscribe

29/01 Keynote Speaker, Communicating with Flair, The Netherlands
27/01 Performance, HD for MuMu, Muhka, Antwerp, BE
08/01 Speaker "How to motivate children to study a musical instrument", WWW 
06/01 Training ManiMelo Musicians HoM Belgium

11/12 Masterclass "Een andere dementie in Muziek" - Acousticum, The Netherlands
08/12 Concert of "Notre Dame" by BSE, 12h, Amuz, Antwerp, BE.
06/12 HD Impro performance, Belgium-Canadian Chamber Event, Toronto, Canada
04/12 HD Impro performance, The Matrix, Proctor Gallagher Institute, Canada
02/12 HD Impro performance, Power Plant, Toronto, Canada

Hanne Deneire
You want to be inspired by me?
Hanne is an engaging and passionate composer. Roll up her sleeves and action. She makes music with courage and intuition. And than the paradox what makes her so unique: 
Her choices and compositions are extremely intelligent. 

Dimitri Leue, Actor
Collaborating with Hanne is every time 
a source of inspiration and an explosion of oxygen.

Koen Kessels, conductor
I have the pleasure to know Hanne on personal and professional level rather well.
She is an outstanding composer and wonderful artist. Not only she has great ideas, she also has the courage and energy to work them out till the last bit. Something very rare, nowadays.  
And did I mention her huge heart?

Eliot Lawson, violin player
I rarely met someone who combines musical toptalent with social engagement. Hanne proves that music is the connection between people.

Meyrem Almaci, Politician
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