Hanne Deneire
Visionary Symphonist of MUSIC & PEOPLE
Hanne is passioned about music & people. 
Her music is played all over Europe, Canada, US and Japan.
She is rewarded for her music itself and her educational work.

She developed her own music method Children are Composers and is Founder of House of Music
She has now a fantastic team of 30 amazing people and collaborates worldwide with musicians, schools and organisations. 

In Belgium, 500 students follow her method with 20 Master-Musicians on 4 locations: Antwerpen, Leuven, Lier & Vorselaar. 
Over the last 20 years thousands of children have grown through her methodology. 
Since her programme Children are Composers is online, over 1000 users, on every continent are enjoying growth through music!

In 2018 Children are Composers was selected for the accelerator program The Birdhouse 
and Hanne was, and still is, lucky to be mentored by Filip Smet & Wilfried van Assche. 

Hanne is also an expert and international speaker/ trainer in the field of Music & Dementia. 
Her book "Remembering through Music" is implemented all over Europe in Elderly Houses. 
Her free report "Communicating with Flair" makes daily life more musically for many caregivers and residents. 
With her platform Music&Dementia, she connects all the knowledge, expertise and innovation in this field worldwide

to teach children the magical language of music through her creative method.
Children learn the music notes, rhythm, harmony and discover every episode another musical instrument by creating their own music.

FOR THE FAMILY with KIDS 3-8 years old
to learn the magical language of music AT HOME

For years Hanne worked on her Children's MUSIC PERFORMANCE Q&Q where her creative and educational thoughts meet. 
 It is an interactive, wonderful music adventure with two knights for children 3-8 y. 
It is played almost monthly somewhere in Belgium.

We grow Children thru music!

to learn to implement this creative method in your lessons.
You can do the training AT HOME whenever you want and how fast you want

If you are a professional and you want to GROW YOUR OWN HOUSE OF MUSIC,
inscribe for the FULL GUIDANCE by Hanne in 3 months. 
An exceptional program for musicians who want to make the extra mile!

We grow Children thru music!

Hanne studied Composition, Piano & Bass Clarinet at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and the Guildhall School of Music in London. When she was only 19 years old she was a laureate, with her first orchestra work Mitä, of the Aquarius composition competition. Mitä was created by the Beethoven Academie conducted by Jan Caeyers and her professional career started.

 Hanne composed for Flagey, HERMESensemble, I Solisti del Vento, Oxalys, Quince Quartet, the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra of Flanders, the Belgian National Radio Choir and others. Her music is played from Belgium over the VS to Japan. 

Her cd “hommage of Hanne Deneire” In Flanders' Fields, Phaedra publisher, was awarded with a Golden Label and 
Sabam gave her the Golden Poppy for “Classical music/ Chamber music” in 2011.

Beside composing music, she started very young (16y) with sharing her passion for music and creation through education. She developed her own method in her House of Music. By the age of 19 she was already teaching Highly Gifted Children at the University of Antwerp and she received an award by the King Boudewijn Foundation for her social engagement through art a few years later.

In 2007 she started lecturing at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp in the Masters Community Art while she was working on her Phd.

In 2016 she participated in the Bob Proctor (PGI) programs and The Matrixx in Canada. 

In 2018 her start-up "Children are Composers " was selected for the accelerator program The Birdhouse. For six months she was mentored by mentored by Filip Smet (Lemon Companies) & Wilfried van Assche (ex-CEO Brussels Airport and P&G). 

Hanne is grateful that her music is performed worldwide by the best musicians and 
her creative music method "Children are Composers" is growing almost 1.000.000 children!

We grow children thru music ! 
Discover the magic of music in a creative and playful way. 
Hanne Composed NEST for theater De Spiegel. 
A children's (0-y3) performance that is traveling worldwide since 5 years...
Bout'chou: music by Deneire & Bach performed by Eliot Lawson & Hanne Deneire 
made for Philharmonie de Luxembourg. 

Hanne is founder of House of Music. HoM Belgium is active in four cities (Antwerpen, Lier, Leuven & Vorselaar). There are 20 Master-Musicians trained in Deneires Children are Comopsers Method.
We teach from birth! Babies, toddlers, children, adults and seniors, no matter what character they have, 
can learn how to play an instrument and write their own musical story through this creative method.  

Hanne composed music for the movie La Belgique Martyre, 
performed by HERMESensemble
With KATSU Hanne builds the bridge between East & West. 
Hanne plays concerts for people with severe dementia and their family.
Hanne composed music without limits for 2 choirs.

In 2012 Hanne wrote “The voice of our Memory”, a new model named contact choir. This project was made together with the Expertise Center Dementia and the Royal broadcast a national dream. When her book „Remembering through music” was published (Dutch & Eng), Hanne started working all over Europe as an international expert in Music & Dementia. Her last report "Communicating with Flair"aims to change the daily attitude of the healthcare sector by communicating musically.
Grow & Be Inspirered
Hanne is an engaging and passionate composer. Roll up her sleeves and action. She makes music with courage and intuition. 
And than the paradox what makes her so unique: 
Her choices and compositions are extremely intelligent. 

Dimitri Leue, Actor
Collaborating with Hanne is every time 
a source of inspiration and an explosion of oxygen.

Koen Kessels, conductor
I have the pleasure to know Hanne on personal and professional level rather well. She is an outstanding composer and wonderful artist. 
Not only she has great ideas, she also has the courage and energy to work them out till the last bit. Something very rare, nowadays.  
And did I mention her huge heart?

Eliot Lawson, violin player
I rarely met someone who combines musical toptalent with social engagement. Hanne proves that music is the connection between people.

Meyrem Almaci, Politician
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